WWE 2K18 PC Game Deluxe Edition Full Download

WWE 2K18 PC Game is a professional wrestling game developed in collaboration between the Yuke’s & Visual Concepts, published by 2K Sports. This is 19th installment in WWE game series, serving as following from previous WWE 2K17 PC Game released in 2016. WWE 2k18 was released worldwide for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One on 17th October, 2017 and Nintendo Switch version on 3th December, 2017. This release marks return to Nintendo Platforms since the WWE ’13, as first title in series to be released on this platform. WWE 2K18 is first video game in series to exclusively be on 8th generation hardware & also first in series released on the PC alongside it’s console counterparts.

WWE 2K18 PC Game Download

Similar to it’s predecessors, WWE 2K18 is professional wrestling game which for the 1st time since WWF SmackDown! Which Bring It, 8 wrestlers are able to in match at once, instead of 6. The Royal Rumble match which has been retooled, including with new finishers, mechanics and elimination sequences. I the game a carry system introduced allowing players to pick up / drag their opponent & place them in specific spot. Thousand’s of new moves & animations have been added in the game.


Improvements have been made to creation suite, as like new superstar parts & materials. A such material is glow effect, that gives players ability to make clothing, hair and logos on their own created superstars to glow. Also the other modern creation suite has features include enhanced highlight system. However, free-roaming camera which has been removed when highlight reel being used mid-match. The crowd area templates can be selected in the time of create an Arena. Where allowing players to select 5 different templates which have different weapons & objects to use. Create-A-Match feature, that last seen in 7th-gen version of the WWE 2K17 has returned. Finally, new feature includes ability to create own custom matches. And save them for use in the exhibition mode, Universe & Online through the Private matches.


WWE 2K18 PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / Vista 64 bit

CPU: AMD FX-8150 / Intel Core i5-3550 3.3GHz

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7850

Direct X: Dx 11


Free Disk Space: 50 GB


WWE 2K18 PC Game

Size: 40 GB



WWE 2K18 PC Game

WWE 2K18 PC Game Deluxe Edition

WWE 2K18 PC Game


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