Project IGI 1 I am Going In PC Game Download

Project IGI 1 I’m Going In is a tactical 1st-person shooting video game which developed by the Innerloop Studios and it was released on 15th December, 2000 by the Eidos Interactive. During the release time of this game it received mixed of reviews due to a few number of shortcomings, which including poorly programmed A.I. and lack of mid time game save option, also lack of the multiplayer features.

Project IGI 1

However it have been praised for its superb sound quality, design and graphics, do like to thanks in part to it’s use of proprietary game engine that previously used in the Innerloop’s Joint Strike Fighter. You can also download Project IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game.


Protagonist Jones, with help of Anya and infiltrates base of Jach Priboi to capture him and extract knowledge of stolen Warhead. When Jach Priboi taken away in helicopter by Jones, copter is shot down by the Ekk. Russians takes Priboi, and also Jones’ equipment. Then Jones has to clear border to find his equipment. And then he hijacks train carrying Priboi and it takes him in for the interrogation.


There have several missions which are known as Trainyard, SAM Base, Military Airbase, GOD, Radar Base, Get Priboi, Border Crossing, Re-Supply, Missile Trainyard, Defend Priboi, Eagle’s Nest I, Eagle’s Nest II, Nuclear Infiltration, Finding The Bomb. All missions are really a challenging moment for the gamer.


Project IGI 1 PC Game


Project IGI 1 I am Going In

Project IGI 1 I am Going In PC Game

Project IGI 1 PC Game

Project IGI 1 PC Game


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