Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game Full Download

Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game is first-person shooter game developed by the 2015, Inc. The game was published by the EA Games and it was released for the Microsoft Windows on 22 January, 2002 in North America & on 15th February, 2002 in Europe. Publisher Aspyr published Mac OS X version which released in August 2002. Later a Linux version also was also released on 2004.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game Download

Medal of Honor Allied Assault is third game in Medal of Honor series. This is the first game in series that released for Microsoft Windows. And also the only game in series with the expansion packs. These game uses id Tech 3 engine, with the modifications from Heavy Metal: such as F.A.K.K.². To simulate the infantry combat in European & North African theaters during the World War II.


In these game player takes on role of Lt. Mike Powell as United States Army Rangers. He works for the Office of the Strategic Services. The single-player missions of this game include assaulting the German bases in the Algiers & Norway. Omaha Beach storming on D-Day, & rescuing comrades behind the enemy lines in occupied France. These game’s levels often compared to the Steven Spielberg’s 1998 film name Saving Private Ryan. There many of levels are direct quotations of scenery in the film. In addition, Omaha Beach re-created in the Medal of Honor: Frontline for the consoles.


Once game server and type selected then game starts in the spectator mode and player can choose in between joining allies or axis then select set of weapons. These game using a point system, which adding points for number of kills & rounds. It deducting points for the suicides and addition of the death points for being killed. Multiplayer has contains 4 different modes.The death match in which each and every player have to kill everyone else & get highest score. The team Death-match in which team have to kill other teams to get highest score. Round Based which similar in the game-play to the Death-match but counts rounds instead of score. And also “Objective” mode where player must win most rounds by completing the missions.


Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game System Requirements:

OS: Windows Xp / 7 / 8 / Vista 32 bit

CPU: AMD Sempron 2200+ / Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6500 / AMD Radeon X1270

Direct X: Dx 9

RAM: 512 MB

Free Disk Space: 1.5 GB


Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game

Size: 2.71 GB



Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game

Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game

Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game


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