Ion Fury PC Game Full Download

Ion Fury PC Game is a 2019 1st-person shooter video game that developed by Voidpoint and it was published by 3D Realms. These is a prequel to 2016 video game Bombshell. The game Ion Fury runs on modified version of the Ken Silverman’s that Build engine and is first original commercial game for utilizing the engine in nineteen years, previous being PC Game World War II GI.

Ion Fury PC Game

In these game Ion Fury, player assumes role of Shelly as “Bombshell” Harrison, bomb disposal expert have aligned to Global Defense Force. There Dr. Jadus Heskel, transhumanist cult leader, who unleashes army of cyberneticallyenhanced soldiers on futuristic city of the Neo D.C. Which Shelly is tasked with the fighting through.

In May 2019, announced that band Iron Maiden would suing 3D Realms for two million dollar for misappropriation. The use of virtually identical imitation of Iron Maiden trademark. Here 3D Realms has quickly responded on the Twitter, stating these are “frivolous claims anyone has played Ion Maiden that would find more over top than Shelly’s “Loverboy”, and her signature eighteen-round and triple-barreled revolver”.

Lawsuit claims that the Ion Maiden “has same look & feel” to Android/iOS game name Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. That previously released on 5th July, 2016. It has also lists on several alleged similarities, which including name “Ion Maiden”, font used for game title, main character Shelly name ‘Bombshell’ Harrison and the Steve Harris. However, several of allegedly similar elements have cited in lawsuit were present in previous 3D Realms game.


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Ion Fury PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: Any 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU


GPU: 512 MB video memory. Intel integrated graphics supported.

DX: Version 9.0c

OS: Win 7/8/8.1/10, 64-bit

HDD Space: 100 MB


Ion Fury PC Game

Size: 90 MB



Download Ion Fury PC Game

Ion Fury PC Game Download


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