Halo 1 Combat Evolved PC Game Download From Torrent

Halo 1 Combat Evolved PC Game is really a Combat Evolved and one of the best world wide popular action game. This is shooter game which was published by Microsoft Game Studios. Then this game released for Xbox original to download onto Xbox HDD. I hope you will feel better to play this game. This game’s enemy force is Covenant and a group of the alien species which allied by the belief in common religion.

Halo 1 Combat Evolved PC Game


Halo one is a set of twenty-sixth century, where player assuming role of Master Chief, as a cybernetically which enhanced supersoldier. Player is associated by the Cortana, with artificial intelligence. He occupies Master Chief’s as neural interface. The players battle with various aliens as attempt to the uncover secrets of eponymous Halo, ring-shaped of artificial world. This game has commended for the elements following its story, variety of the strategies of players can employ.


As the first-person shooting game, gameplay of the Halo: Combat Evolved which fundamentally is similar to its peers and focusing on the combat in 3D environment which have viewed almost completely from character eye view. Here players can move the around and have look up, down and left, right. Game featured vehicles and ranging from the armored jeeps and also tanks to he alien hovercraft & aircraft from there many of them can be able to control by player.


Halo One minimum requirements:

Operating System: All OS.

Processor: 733MHz.

Direct X: 9 compatible.

Ram Memory: 128MB.

Hard Disk: 1.2G.


Halo 1 Combat Evolved PC Game

Size: 608 MB



Halo 1 Combat Evolved PC Game


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