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Full Metal Furies PC Game is an action adventure game that developed and published by the Cellar Door Games. It announced on February 2017, that the game was was released on 17th January. The game developed for the Microsoft Windows & Xbox One. After the Cellar Door the Games’s debut with the Rogue Legacy, development for the Full Metal Furies commenced. These had been on development for the three years before that was announced on 20th February , 2017. These game was released onto the Microsoft Windows and also for the Xbox One on 17th January, 2018.

Full Metal Furies PC Game Download

The Storyline of this game is defend free world from the tyrannical titans in the FULL METAL FURIES – which a team-based brawler in where cooperation is key for victory. Another thing is FULL METAL FURIES  going to challenge you to think as like a team & also to rethink what brawler could be.


Addendum: Abstruse allegorical action and adventure about the atonement, allusions, & alliteration awaits all at alternate age around the Athens’ ashes. In multiplayer mode, everyone picks a hero and must work together to save world. Combine asymmetrical skills for kicking some symmetrical butt. “Pick two” characters in the single player. A quick-switch between two during play. And become unstoppable force unto yourself. Also create party to shore up the weaknesses or do double down on strengths. When a partner falls and other still remains, so keep have fun reviving yourself!


Fail together or Succeed together. Special barriers protect the enemies from the specific damage, & you must have to communicate with your team for focusing the right targets. Which barriers remain even after one player falls, so get prepared to revive allies. Encounter dozens of the unique enemies by ranging from charging Minitaurs, for leaping Lycaon, for artillery-striking Artillerists and also more. In the FMF, nowhere is safe. Attacks come from any angle & at any range, so should be prepared and also stay on your toes.


Full Metal Furies PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

CPU SPEED: 2.0 Ghz

OS: Windows XP


GPU: 8800 GTS, HD 2900 Pro, Intel HD 530

HDD: 900 MB


Full Metal Furies PC Game

Size: 591 MB



Full Metal Furies PC Game

Full Metal Furies PC Game

Full Metal Furies PC Game


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