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Baba Is You PC Game Free Download Latest Version

Baba Is You PC Game is a puzzle game created by the Finnish indie developer name Arvi Teikari. The game was released 13th March 2019 for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. Later it also released for Linux and macOS version. These game centers around manipulation of the “rules” which represented by the tiles with the

The Witness 2016 PC Game Download

The Witness 2016 PC Game is 3D puzzle computer video game which developed & published by the Thekla, Inc. This game released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS. Inspired by Myst, game involves exploration of open world island that filled with the natural & man-made structures. Player progresses by just solving puzzles, that

Obduction PC Game Full Download

Obduction PC Game is an adventure video game which developed by the Cyan Worlds. This game is considered spiritual successor to the Cyan’s previous games of adventure, Myst and Riven. In this game, player finds their own character transported to the strange alien worlds with the human elements within settings. Player must explore & solve

Portal 2 PC Game Full Download From Torrent

Portal 2 PC Game is 2011 a first-person puzzle platform game which developed & published by Valve Corporation. It is sequel to Portal 2007. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 19, 2011. The retail versions of these game are distributed by Electronic Arts. Portal

Zuma Deluxe PC Game Full Free Download

Zuma Deluxe PC Game is a tile-matching puzzle computer video game published by PopCap Games. This game can be played for free on online at several Web site. An enhanced version which called Zuma Deluxe, it’s available for purchase in the Windows & Mac OS X versions & as an Xbox Live Arcade download for
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