How to Download Games From Crazy PC Game

Lets know how to download Games from Crazy PC Game site. This is very easy to download any games. You have to visit game site and choose your desire game that you want to download. Then scroll down to the middle of the page where we shared the download links. Some links are directly downloading link and most of them need to be installed a torrent downloader. Before download game you have to install Torrent download software. You can use BitTorrent or ╬╝Torrent for downloading any kind of torrent file. Then you have to Click on download button it will open a new page and wait here 5 or 6 second then on the above of right side you have to click on  skip  button and you will get the main download page. Then just click magnetic link to download the game from that page.


A download file will generate to torrent downloader click ok to start download. I think you Understand how to download. If don't then see video bellow I made it for understanding better.